URL shortener and its uses

URL shortener and its uses


The outmost Guide to how you should use a URL shortener

It’s a peculiar question as many individuals still can’t grasp the idea of a URL shortener, and since we(linkatry) as a site are here just to sort that out. So, it is only fair to first explain what a URL shortener is. Let’s discover together how we can give you an entire summary of this massively evolving industry.

What is an URL shortener?

A URL shortener is a tool that simply takes a long URL and turns it into something small. You can customize your own URL with just a simple click with linkatry. It’s the easiest and fastest way to make your website and ad campaign more noticeable. One thing that needs to be mentioned is that a URL shortener is also known as a link shrinker, link shortener, link compressor, a vanity URL creator, URL condenser.... and so on. This just means that people have a way to take something drastically long and boring and make it something short and digestible.


Uses of a URL shortener:

Earlier there were just a few things one could do by shortening a link but now people have come a long way than that. Some of them are listed below

Link Shortening

It’s much simpler to share a small URL than ones with random long numbers. Which URL are you going to link in your presentation? A lengthy one that unnecessarily has a long URL or a simple one. Which URL would be most rememberable in a networking event? I say something that clearly states my business with it such as Kumarinfo.link/card. It’s that simple. To get more click-throughs one must be presentable enough link shortening allows

 Custom URL shortener

It is one of the best ways to create a link as it gives more than the freedom to choose the name of the link rather it helps you with creating brand awareness. URL shorteners that can be changed are highly recommended by us as it gives you more space to work on it Link Masking It’s a double-edged sword since a shortening URL allows you to mask the original web address. but; the downside is this can also be used by spammers and hackers to hide malicious links from us. Thankfully security protected sites such as chrome stop these breaches.

Link tracking 

In the digital marketing world tracking is everything every aspect of a campaign is tracked from top to bottom which allows one to make informed decisions. You can easily use a URL shortener to track your new shortened link.

{{URL shorteners are a necessity of the modern era as more people turn to form online ventures it is consideringly getting harder day by day to stand out. as such, a unique URL is one of the few ways to distinguish yourself from the crowd }}